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Cyber law otherwise known as “internet law” is the area of law that regulates how people use the internet. There are cyber laws that are criminal laws and there are cyber laws that are civil laws. Any law or regulation that involves how people use computers, smartphones, the internet and other related technology is cyber law. Cyber law is also called digital law. As technology changes, the laws that govern electronic communication change, too. Cyber law encompasses all of the ways that people use modern technology to interact and communicate. Cyber Law Encompasses Many Different Types of Law Cyber laws serve a variety of purposes. Some laws protect people from becoming the victims of crime through unscrupulous activities on the internet. Other laws create rules for how individuals and companies may use computers and the internet. These laws cover a wide range of topics and activities, but they all fall under the wide category of cyber law. The major areas of cyber law include: Fraud Consumers rely on cyber laws to protect them from online fraud. Laws exist to prevent identity theft, credit card theft and other financial crimes that happen online. A person who commits identity theft may face federal or state criminal charges. They might also face a civil action brought by a victim. Cyber lawyers work to both prosecute and defend against allegations of fraud using the internet. Copyright The internet has made copyright violations easier. The early days of online communication made copyright violations as easy as clicking a button on a file-sharing website. Both individuals and companies need attorneys to bring actions to enforce copyright protections. Copyright infringement is an area of cyber law that defends the rights of individuals and companies to profit from their creative works. Defamation Many people use the internet to speak their mind. When people use the internet to say things that are untrue, it can cross the line into defamation. Defamation laws are civil laws that protect individuals from untrue public statements that can hurt a business or someone’s personal reputation. Defamation law is cyber law when people use the internet to make statements that violate civil laws. Harassment and Stalking Sometimes online statements can violate criminal laws that prohibit harassment and stalking. When a person makes repeated or threatening statements about someone else online, they may violate both civil and criminal laws. Cyber lawyers both prosecute and defend people when stalking occurs using the internet and other forms of electronic communication. Freedom of Speech An important area of cyber law is freedom of speech. Even though cyber laws prohibit certain behaviors online, freedom of speech laws also allow people to speak their minds. Cyber lawyers must advise their clients on the limits of free speech including laws that prohibit obscenity. In addition, cyber lawyers may defend their clients when there’s a debate about whether their actions constitute permissible free speech.

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