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May QUestions  

Current Affairs Quiz

1.Name the first company which has become India’s first gaming start up?

Ans: Dream 11

      2.Name the city which has become the first city in the world to use Pollution charge zone?

      Ans: London

     3.Who has been elected as the new president of international chamber of Commerce India?

      Ans: Vikramjit Singh

     4.Who launched ‘CRPF Veer Parivar’ app for the families of CRPF personnel?

     Ans: Ram Nath Kovind 

     5.Google has launched its first drone delivery service in which country?

Ans: Australia

6.Bold Kurukshetra 2019 is a joint Military exercise between which two countries?

Ans: India and Singapore

      7.Which state of India was notified with yellow weather warning by meteorological Department recently?

      Ans: Himachal Pradesh.

      8.Who has been named as the ‘Leading Cricketer of the Year’?

     Ans: Virat kohli.

     9.With which country India has agreed to strengthen bond in security and defence spheres?

     Ans: Sri Lanka

     10.To which country India has delivered tow MI-24 helicopters?

     Ans: Afghanistan

     11.  2019 international army scout masters competition will be held in which city of India?

    Ans: Jaisalmer

    12.Which state government approves setting up of farmers commission?

    Ans: Meghalaya

    13.The Second India open International boxing Tournament has been started in which city?

    Ans: Guwahati

   14.Which country observes May 21 as the Anti-Terrorism Day?

   Ans: India

   15.The chief minister of which state has launched a Water , Conservation Scheme ‘Jal Amrutha’?

   Ans: Karnataka

   16.Who is appointed as Pakistan’s High Commissioner to India?

  Ans: Moin –Ul-Haq.

  17.Name the country which has approved sales of air defuse missiles to South Korea and Japan?

  Ans: USA

  18.As per the Geological survey of India which Indian state has the 35% of India’s Graphite deposit?

  Ans: Arunachal Pradesh

 19.Gold medallist , swimmer MB Balakrishan passed away recently. He belongs to which Indian state?                                                 

  Ans: Tamil Nadu

 20. Who has been appointed as first chief Armed Forces Special Operations Division?

  Ans : AK Dhingra