Kalanaur Road, Village Hayat Nagar, Gurdaspur, Punjab-143521, Ph. - 9463695371, 9417700374
Our Vision  
  • To continue expanding and exploring, locally and globally and be a knowledge leader and content provider.
  • To muster strategies to become a global epicenter of knowledge, culture, skills, technology, research and service.
  • To empower women through education.
  • The Logo embraces Mantra: "ASATO MA SADAGAMAYA TAMSO MA JYOTIGRAMAYA" which has been taken from BHRADARANYAKA Upanishada which means: Lead us from Unreal to the Real, Lead us from Darkness to Light".
  • The Lighted candle on the four Vedas signifies the spread of knowledge that will enlighten our lives and show us the way to lead a life of humanity and righteousness.
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Kalanaur Road, Village Hayat Nagar,
Gurdaspur, Punjab - 143521
Phone - 9463695371,9417700374
E-Mail Id - davjlm9@gmail.com

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